April 2 & 3 – Inversions Intensive : Moving from the Core & Inverted Asanas with Natalie Cruz


  • Moving from the Core: Saturday April 2th 1-4pm
  • Inverted Asanas: Sunday April 3th 1-4pm
  • Workshop: $35 per day
  • 10% discount for members

Inversions are awesome! Mastering these postures is a highly rewarding process that builds self-confidence and self-awareness. Beyond that, they build core and upper body strength, as well as positively affect the endocrine, nervous, lymphatic & cardiovascular system. If you are trying to figure out how to start an inversion practice, are interested in learning new variations or simply LOVE inversions, these workshops are for you!

Day 1: Moving from the Core: Explore movements & held postures to help build core strength & awareness. Class will include supine, seated and standing postures as well as pranayama and bandha practices to re-awaken the abdominal musculature.

Day 2: Inverted Asanas: Flip your world upside-down and see what transpires! You’ll warm up and then practice a wide variety of inversions and arm balances. Natalie will break down the mechanics involved in each posture, and give tips & modifications to assist you wherever you are at.

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