Ayurveda 101 with Natalie Ginapp

Sunday May 3rd 1-4pm

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Ayurveda is yoga’s sister science, an individualized healing modality that gives you the knowledge you need to attain optimal health and wellbeing. The system posits that each person is unique and must find their own state of balance in body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda views health as an absence of disease and focuses on preventative health care. Lifestyle adjustments of daily routine, diet, yoga, pranayama, meditation and stress management techniques are personalized to help each person find optimal health.

In this workshop, Natalie will focus on the principle tenants of Ayurveda – doshas (imbalance), daily practices (dinacharya) & diet. You will learn your specific doshas, how simple natural daily practices can help prevent illness and how food can be used as medicine. This knowledge will empower you to see yourself and your health in a whole new way, and give you ideas on how to make better lifestyle choices.

We’ll spend the first two hours of the workshop discussing the principles of Ayurveda in order to identify your particular doshas, as well as the dinacharya and diet that is most suitable to your particular doshas. The last hour will be dedicated to a Vinyasa practice, incorporating the principles of Ayurveda. This will allow you to incorporate what you’ve learned right on the mat, in Natalie’s signature Elemental Asana practice. Expect to leave with a greater understanding of Ayurveda, your relationship to your wellbeing and a sense of ease.

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