Back to the Present

Here we are. 2015 and you say, “time flies.” It doesn’t, really. From inside, time just flows as it always has like a river from one ocean of eternity to another. From outside, we stand at the banks alongside the water and witness that flow of time and space that we call our life.

What really ‘flies’ is our mind. We miss the joy of the boat ride when we are endlessly distracted and interrupted by the changing nature of the shoreline of appearances. With our new technologies, we can now be interrupted ever more at any time and at any place.

There is a place in us however that is serene, quiet, calm and placid like a mountain-top lake. A place of tranquility and sobriety where time stands still and all you have are precious moments that reflect on the waters’ clear surface. It is called the ‘present’ and I sincerely wish this gift for all of us.

Being present is simply being aware of all the inner sensations we feel, of our breath, of our thoughts that come and go. It is simply being aware at every moment without reacting or judging; to simply witness our life. It is to simply feel the energy that we are; that energy that emanates from every vibrating atom and molecule within us and around us; that energy from where we come from and where we return to.

Being grounded in self-awareness is the only resolution you will need to improve your life and the world around. We spend too much time ruminating about the past and anxiously anticipating the future. This robs us of the joy of the present. It is human nature to believe that the future is more important; but, in reality, the future does not exist. Can you say that you have experienced the future? No one can!

It is with self-awareness and living in the present that we will know what is good and what is bad for us. We can only know what is stressful and what is calming if we continuously monitor our inner states. We can then assess personally and experientially which foods, relationships, activities, etc. are toxic and which are healing. The answers are all inside. Prosperity is in the present.

And what about the world? We have big problems like war, terrorism, domestic violence, hunger, financial inequality, and pollution; all the result of human behavior. Those problems have their origin in human consciousness; or rather, the lack of it. To make this world a better place, we only need to take responsibility for our own consciousness. To make sure that we ourselves don’t dwell in the house of desire, greed, anger and pride. Practice non-violence and already the world is a more peaceful place. Live with integrity and truthfulness and already the world is a safer, more trusting place. Simply be the kind of person that you want others and the world to be. May we all have a Happy, Self-Aware, more Fully Present New Year!

-Guest Blogger, Rickienanda

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