Quick: Fast.

Life seems so hurried, especially now that the holidays are upon us. In these days of drinking and dining, we can, however, make a deliberate decision to discipline ourselves. We can slow down the season quickly in a time-tested way. How? By fasting! Fasting is an effective means to lose weight, improve health, and live longer. More and moreView full post »

Stick Your Neck Out

When a turtle sticks its neck (and head) out to eat, the turtle becomes vulnerable to be eaten, too. It must leave the safe haven of its shell to live.  And so must we. Recent world events from hurricanes in the Caribbean to flooding in Houston to earthquakes in Mexico to the great wildfires in the Pacific Northwest to missiles from N. Korea andView full post »

Shadow Sparring

I write of shadows, inspired by the recent solar eclipse in the U.S.A. mainland.  “It is a dark time,” people whisper; but it is in a dark time that the eye begins to see. And the darkest place is under the light; we tend to overlook what is right in front of our nose! There is a part of ourselves that we don’t want to look at; things we wouldView full post »

Character is Destiny

Character is destiny – ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus quote printed on grunge vintage cardboard Heraclitus, an early Greek philosopher, who never stepped into the same river twice, gave us the proposition that “a man’s character is his fate.” The word itself is derived from Greek ‘kharakter’ meaning “to mark, to engrave,” i.e. aView full post »

Living is to Die For

Being born has a hundred percent mortality. Try as they may, the venture capitalists of Silicon Valley may indeed succeed in prolonging life; however, we are all going to die. And the sooner we realize that the more profound our lives will be. A good life will bring a good death. It does not matter how one dies: at the hands of another or fromView full post »

Memory is Wealth

Allow me to share with you what I recently remembered; that memory is wealth: wealth in terms of possessions and prosperity, of health and well-being, of career and ambition, and especially of spiritual attunement and Self-Realization. Wealth however without contentment is not wealth at all. A recent survey of people in the United States who earnView full post »

Of Habits and Hobbits

In a hole in the brain, there lives a habit. Not a nasty, dirty, turbid one filled with the pull of obsessions (although there are those, too); but a very comfortable, secure habit. There are lots of them actually; like hobbits living in their comfortable holes. Our lives are a stream of habits put together like a band of hobbits off to a merryView full post »


“Monkey see, monkey do,” someone tells you in a demeaning manner. Well, well, tell them to tell that to the monkeys who have been using imitation as a successful evolutionary strategy for millions of years. And their success has been our success since we are all descended from apes; although it does show more in some people. There is even aView full post »

Nothing Matters

Ang Balon: Drawing from the Source Dr. Rickie Camara Today I write about nothing. Not about nonsense for that would be for naught. I won’t write naughtily either; for it used to mean that if you were ‘naughty’ you were a ‘no-human.’ Today, it just signifies you are mischievous; but still part of the milk of human kindness. If something is betterView full post »

Bountiful Boredom

An article on boredom is different than a boring article. The latter can bore you to death; or at the very least, bore your pants off. And that sight might be motivation enough for me to write this! This is an extension of my last article on “sweet slowness;” the art and science of slowing down time. Some people shared that without events inView full post »

Sweet Slowness

I am NOT going to write another article about the holidays and stress. NO, Webmaster, please do not even ask me. Just thinking of handwriting an article about holiday stress is honestly making me go haywire! But, I know what you mean about this time of the year when everything seems to happen in a blur, when everything seems to go so fast: theView full post »

The Body Politic

I write not about we, the people, that are part of a politically organized nation or state considered as an entirety. I am speaking instead about you individually and how we use our body in thinking about and participating in political process. We judge our politicians based on our own experiences which are body-based, and then project thoseView full post »

The Imperative to Love

What is love? Rumi, Rilke, and Neruda, among other poets, have waxed eloquently and beautifully about it. Great music has been scored and lyrics written about it. There is divine love, self love, romantic love, carnal love, parental love, filial love, universal love, unconditional love; too many to write of. Comics like to joke that love isView full post »

The Happiness Demon

Have you ever been called a demon? I have; by my Mom no less. During my growing years, if any of my 11 sibs or I misbehaved, it wasn’t uncommon for her to say, “demonyo ka (you demon).” The word ‘demon’ however, in its original Greek sense, meant ‘replete with knowledge.’ It is derived from the Greek, ‘daimon,’ which meant an attendant spirit; aView full post »

Limbo Lock

Most of us have danced the “Limbo Rock” in which you bend over backward to music and pass under a pole which is lowered slightly each time. Although originating in the W. Indies (African), this has been played all around the world; “every limbo boy and girl!” The concept of ‘limbo’ was not always that much fun though. The word itself is derivedView full post »

You Hack My Brain and I’ll Hack Yours

It has been a mindless day, on your part or others’ or both, and you are feeling lousy. Or you are about to enter an important meeting or a social gathering, and you are feeling anxious. Or you are just plain guilty over the past, hassled in the present, and worried about the future. What to do? Hack your brain. By hacking the brain I meanView full post »

The Truth about Lies

Lying is bad for your health and that of the person lied to. I am not talking in this article about the ordinary, everyday, white lies required of us to function in society with manners and graciousness. Not the lies that lead to smoother communication or that have altruism at their root. To lie this way after all is to be human. We learn it asView full post »

Come What May

May, the fifth month of the year, in the midst of Spring, is upon us. Several planets are running retrograde now for varying periods of time; so it is nice to turn inward and reflect and review. May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, serving as another reminder to mind our health. Mental health is our sense of emotional, psychological, socialView full post »

Nothing to Write Home About

Home can be many things to many people. It can be a place where one lives or where one is from or even an institution where people are cared for. The word itself has its home in Germanic and Old English roots from “haims” or “ham,” denoting a village, an estate, or even just a house, with emphasis on the place being a gathering of people. This isView full post »

The Yoga of Lent

We are in the beginning of March, the middle of Lent. It is a time for preparation; anticipating Spring and the promise of resurrection in Easter. The zodiac year ends in dreamy Pisces and starts again with the impulsive energy of Aries. Flowers are poised to blossom while mountains shed their white snow caps. The Dharma Wheel turns; it’s squeaksView full post »

Go with the Flow

Picture, in pure, real-life, analogue color, a stream cascading down a snow-capped, cloud-kissed mountain. The water moves forward seemingly without effort, without resistance; winding down some paths; going straight on others. And faced with “obstacles” like stones or rocks or trees, it merely backs off for a second and then eddies its wayView full post »

Aug. 19-21 – Power Yoga with Bryan Kest

Weekend workshop schedule Friday August 19th, 7-9pm: Orientation & Power Yoga class Saturday August 20th, 9:30am – 12pm: Power Yoga class Saturday August 20th, 4:30-6:30pm: Long, Slow & Deep class Sunday August 21st, 9:30am – 12pm : Power Yoga class Class Descriptions Orientation/Power Yoga class: This class is partView full post »

April 2 & 3 – Inversions Intensive : Moving from the Core & Inverted Asanas with Natalie Cruz

Moving from the Core: Saturday April 2th 1-4pm Inverted Asanas: Sunday April 3th 1-4pm Workshop: $35 per day 10% discount for members Inversions are awesome! Mastering these postures is a highly rewarding process that builds self-confidence and self-awareness. Beyond that, they build core and upper body strength, as well as positively affectView full post »

March 6 – Principles of Pilates with Michelle Pidhirney

Sunday March 6th, 1:30 – 3:30pm Workshop: $25 10% discount for Infinity & Balance members In this two-hour workshop you will learn the 5 basic principles of STOTT PILATES®: breathing, pelvic placement and stability, rib cage placement, scapular stability and cervical placement. Knowledge of these principles will help you to buildView full post »

February 14th – Partner Thai Yoga Massage with Rickie Camara

Sunday February 14th from 1-4pm $35 per participant, 10% discount for members Space is limited to 30 people! Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient practice, developed in India over 2500 years ago by the Buddha’s physician and traditionally propagated in Thailand through Buddhist temples. It incorporates muscle manipulation techniques withView full post »

Yoga at Home: Workout 1

Figure four hip stretch (repeat both sides, take 10 breaths per side) Start on your back, knees bent, feet hip distance apart Cross the right ankle over left knee Interlace fingers behind the left hamstrings Flex the right foot, press your right knee forward Pull the left knee towards your chest, keep the knee in line with the hip Relax theView full post »

Pilates At Home: Workout 1

Knee drops from plank (10 reps) Start in plank, shoulders over wrists Hips in line with shoulders Inhale in plank Exhale bend knees, keep hips level Foot flex forward (5 reps per side) Start in plank, shoulders over wrists Hips in line with shoulders Lift one foot, inhale prepare Exhale flex the foot and rock forward maintain hips in lineView full post »

Happy New You

It is a new year; but it is the same bad news when you read the papers and watch the content on TV and social media nowadays. And bad news, dear reader, is bad for your health. So as we start this year, commit yourself to a lifestyle that does no harm to you. There are many ways to live a harmless life; and staying away from negativity and theView full post »

The Happiness That You Are

The Well: Drawing from the Source ‘Tis the season where we exchange greetings of ‘Happy Holidays.’ I wish nothing more however then for you to be happy all the time. Happiness, after all, is your birthright. Yes, it is your right to be happy; so take your place in this world. Don’t wish for happiness; rather accept and live it. If you yearn forView full post »

Jan 3 1015 – Meditation Made Simple Workshop

Did you know NEUROSCIENTISTS have found that after just 11 HOURS of meditation, practitioners had measurable structural changes in the brain? It’s true! If you want to learn more about Meditation, join David Sanders’s, B.S., RYT 200, LMT for “Meditation Made Simple” workshop. Sunday January 3rd 1:30-3:30pm Workshop:View full post »

Vinyasa 101: Sun Salutations & Standing Postures with Natalie Ginapp

Sunday August 2nd & 9th 2015 1:30-3:30pm $25 per session, $40 for both 10% discount for Infinity & Balance members In a fast paced Vinyasa class, sometimes it’s hard to know the proper alignment of each posture. If you’ve ever left class wondering how to do a posture correctly, than this workshop is for you! In this twoView full post »

Spring Renewal and Yoga

Spring is in the air and it is a great time to assess if your life is in balance and plant the “seeds” that you want to blossom in the coming months. Spring marks the start of a new astrological year with the Sun entering Aries who is ready to go with red-hot energy and initiative. Spring reminds us to look at the cycle of life, death, andView full post »

Thirsty for Health

Have you ever felt like you are dying of thirst; particularly in a hot yoga class? Well, you may be; literally. Our bodies are, on average, made up of about 60 – 70% water with variable amounts in different tissues. The lungs, for example, are 90% water, blood is 85%, brain and muscle 75%, bones about 25%; and with fat containing the least amountView full post »

Ayurveda 101 with Natalie Ginapp

Sunday May 3rd 1-4pm $30 Early Bird discount registered by 4/26 $35 Regular Price 10% discount for Auto-Pay members Ayurveda is yoga’s sister science, an individualized healing modality that gives you the knowledge you need to attain optimal health and wellbeing. The system posits that each person is unique and must find their own state ofView full post »

The Anatomy of Vinyasa Workshop

The next in our series of 2015 workshops will help you analyze the mechanics of your body from an anatomical perspective, based on the vast interconnectedness of muscular and fascial tissues in your body (popularly known as Myofascial Meridians). In this 2.5-hour lecture and movement practice, you will learn about Myofascial Meridians, or howView full post »

Waiola Coconut Water Available at the Studio

Waiola Coconut Water Available at the Studio

Ho‘okupu – Waiola Life from Waiola Life on Vimeo. Waiola 100% coconut water was designed with the minimal- ist wisdom of “less is better.” The sole ingredient of this all-natural beverage is coconut water with no added sweeteners or preservatives. Every production run is tested to ensure that the nutritional facts listed on the TetraView full post »

Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga with Tami Cole

The Ashtanga Yoga system synchronizes movement to breath through a dynamic series of postures. This yoga practice utilizes a combination of breath control, physical postures and concentration to promote deep internal healing. In this 3-part workshop, Tami will focus on the basic fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga with a deeper look into the posturesView full post »

Wanderlust O’ahu

Join HOTYOGA8 for Wanderlust O’ahu! An Adventure of Surf, Sand, Yoga and Music! Feb. 26 – Mar. 1, 2015 • Turtle Bay Resort We’re already dreaming about our O’ahu adventure, Feb. 26 – March 1. Beachside yoga, sunrise surfing, SUP adventures galore, and the chance to kick back and jam out with the likes of BrettView full post »

Back to the Present

Here we are. 2015 and you say, “time flies.” It doesn’t, really. From inside, time just flows as it always has like a river from one ocean of eternity to another. From outside, we stand at the banks alongside the water and witness that flow of time and space that we call our life. What really ‘flies’ is our mind. We miss the joy of the boat rideView full post »

Heathy Eating Habits to get your Body in Tune

The practice of Yoga puts equal emphasis on body and mind working together to create happiness, to succeed you need to look after both. The body needs certain nutrients and supplements to have it at peak performance and sugars or refined grains do nothing but slow this process down. It’s hard to give up the junk food but the rewards are hugeView full post »

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