Come What May


May, the fifth month of the year, in the midst of Spring, is upon us. Several planets are running retrograde now for varying periods of time; so it is nice to turn inward and reflect and review. May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, serving as another reminder to mind our health.

Mental health is our sense of emotional, psychological, social and spiritual well-being. It encompasses our physical health; as a body that is not at ease, i.e. dis-eased, will affect how we think, feel, and act. Being well is a sense of contentment; a happiness without attachment to the need to be happy or the continuous search for it.

This contentment, this happiness is not a thing or a state that happens to you; it is something that you do. It is not something found outside of you; it is something you constantly create. The more you rely on circumstances outside yourself to make you happy, the more you deplete your energy and inner resources.


Something you enjoy externally through the senses gives you pleasure, and is transient. Controlling the senses and turning it inward like a mirror to reflect your true Self brings that joy which is permanent. Many people even abdicate their self-esteem to others; feeling worthy and confident based only on how they are judged or accepted by others. Self-esteem is not something you get from others or a state that happens to you; it is something that you actively do to manifest positive attitudes toward yourself.

A chronic negative self-esteem and lack of feelings of well-being can lead to states of depression. The National Center for Health Statistics recently reported that suicide in the United States is at its highest levels in nearly 30 years with increases in every age group, and rising steeply in women and even in girls as young from 10 – 14 years old. This finding is consistent with other research that shows a general unhappiness and malaise, even a sense of desperation, in this country with links between poverty, hopelessness, and health. It is no wonder that the current political mood is to look for someone ‘outside’ of the system whilst in reality change can only occur from within us.

When one realizes, i.e. feels it experientially in their bones, that they are God-embodied, the “Kingdom within,” will one attain true Self-esteem. The purpose of life is to awake to God-consciousness; not only is God within but everything is dissolved in God. “There is no Reality but God; there is only God (Rumi).” Every cycle of birth and death, creation and destruction; every duality of bad and good, light and dark is transcended in the Unity of God.

PG children need self esteem

This Self- Realization of God-Consciousness, this source of true Self-esteem, is not a state that comes to you; it is something that you do. Live simply, within your means. Control your mind to stay away from negativity and focus on positive expectations. Control your senses so you can turn it inward to reflect your true inner state. Meditate daily and live a life of self-reflection, continuously learning where you get drawn and distracted to so you can keep bringing the seat of attention to your true Self. There are no mistakes, only lessons; no obstacles, only opportunities. Learn to trust and have Faith in your Self. Be gentle and grateful that you may receive the grace of Self-Realization. Embrace the perfection and immortality that you already are in God.

And the happier you are in this Realization, the more you will want to share this inner joy with others. Don’t be stingy! The more you give, the more you will receive. Love is indeed the key; self-less, limitless, undying love. Having reached a state of God-Consciousness and having shared it with others, just let Go(d) and come what may.


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