Heathy Eating Habits to get your Body in Tune

The practice of Yoga puts equal emphasis on body and mind working together to create happiness, to succeed you need to look after both. The body needs certain nutrients and supplements to have it at peak performance and sugars or refined grains do nothing but slow this process down. It’s hard to give up the junk food but the rewards are huge when you do.

Cutting out unhealthy snacks is a great first step on the way to retraining your mind, as it will crave sugars and draw you down a bad path. Instead, reward yourself with some fruits and nuts to release energy slowly throughout the day. You can get packets of these to take on the go so there’s no need to be tempted by that bar of chocolate or packet of crisps.

Giving calorie laden recipes the boot is easier said than done but you can swap out the bad ingredients for things that are much better for your body. Exchanging sugar for honey or Agave syrup gives you all the delicious sweet taste without any of the addictive stuff. See how many recipes you can customise to fit in with your lifestyle and do blind tastings to gauge how much it’s like the real thing.

Often we eat junk food because of boredom, so find something to occupy you so you forget all about the sugar cravings. Anything that keeps your mind active will stop that nagging urge to snack and you can select from a wide range of activities. They don’t all have to be sporty or burn calories, looking at the best bingo sites at www.bingostrike.com will chase away that craving as you pay attention to those bonuses.

Don’t be tempted while you’re in the supermarket as if the junk food is in the house you’re more likely to make a snap decision and eat it. On the same note, don’t go shopping while hungry, your stomach will overpower all the good decisions that your brain knows it should be making. Writing a list before you go food shopping will also help you stay on the straight and narrow as you won’t pick items up on a whim.

Eating a healthy breakfast will fill you up for the rest of the day and discourage you from idly snacking. Give your body some great nutrients in the morning and you’ll be able to make it to lunch time without being hungry. You can make your breakfasts even better for you by adding some fruit into your cereal and using skimmed milk instead of whole.

Lastly work to change your mind set when it comes to food, you may currently see it as a distraction or accompaniment for another activity but this is the wrong way to look at it. Eat your meals without televisions on in the background or while doing something else to appreciate what you’re eating. When you eat slower your body feels fuller for longer and you’ll feel the benefit of this when unhealthy snacks no longer hold any appeal for you.

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