Nothing to Write Home About


Home can be many things to many people. It can be a place where one lives or where one is from or even an institution where people are cared for. The word itself has its home in Germanic and Old English roots from “haims” or “ham,” denoting a village, an estate, or even just a house, with emphasis on the place being a gathering of people. This is as opposed to the word, “house,” whose origins are related to the verb, hide. We go to our house to be alone; and we go home to a place of sharing and gathering.

Our body is our home, too, and its center is the heart. The heart is the first functional organ to develop in the embryo, beginning to form at around the 18th day after fertilization and starting to beat and pump blood by the third week. It is the place from which other organs in the developing fetus get their pulsating signals to unfold and develop. It is the embryonic origin of love.

A closed-off heart is a house; and an open heart, a home. Opening your heart implies receptivity to the energy around you and that has profound physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual benefits. It is important physically to maintain a posture with an open and lifted chest and relaxed shoulders, not just to breathe better but to open the heart space. For to be heart-less is to be ‘home-less.’

Take care of your body; it is where you live. Keep it clean and tidy, hydrated and nourished. Keep the head up and stand tall, taking your place in this world. Have your heart in the right place, and certainly not in the mouth as there is no need to carry anxiety with you. Have shoulders to cry and lean on to support others in their journey. Avoid the eyes getting bigger than the stomach thereby living within your means. Shake a leg and always have your best foot forward as you dip your toes into the waters of life.


We like to think of Earth as separate from us; but we are a part of, not apart from, this planet. It is very much our home, too. Earth embraces and nurtures all life; and if only we would do the same for her. Even the planet’s forces such as gravity are actively shaping our lives. Gravity influences the development of our musculo-skeletal system, and played a major role in evolution as species crawled from the sea and began to populate the land masses. We are a product of our physical environment; and so as E.T., the extra-terrestrial, says in the movie, “Love your planet!’

Home is where we come from, our Source. In physics, they talk about the initial singularity which was a gravitational singularity of infinite density thought to have contained all of the mass and space-time of the Universe before quantum fluctuations caused it to rapidly expand in the Big Bang of creation. Words like ‘singularity’ and ‘infinity’ denote God… Spirit! “We are all ‘Spirits in bodies;’ sibs! We are not a body with a spirit; but God in bodies. And when we wake up to this Consciousness will we experience “The Kingdom Within.” In this Consciousness, we are home.


And the primal sound of creation is ‘Om’ (Romanized as A-U-M). It is the sound that re-minds us of where we come from and where we return; our God-source, our Creator. The sound, Om, is universal and is the root of “Amen” found in religions of Christianity and Judaism; and of “Amin” as found in the Islamic faith. It brings to mind what St. John in his Gospel says in the very first verse, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God…”

I am delighted that the sound and letters of “Om” are embedded in the word, ‘home.’ For we truly are home only when we live in God Consciousness with an open heart; and share our love and caring with others, and our Earth.


Photo Credits: Wonderlane: “Colorful row of houses, blue, green, yellow, orange, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, black and silver cars, street sign, N 35th and Meridian Ave N, Seattle, Washington, USA”. DeclanTM: “Earth”. ilumove: “surely not on earth but in the sky”.

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