Studio Etiquette

Before Class

• Reserve a space online to ensure a space
• Practice on an empty stomach. Avoid eating 2-3 hours prior to class to maximize blood flow to the muscles, organs and glands vs. the digestive system during the postures.
• Arrive at least 10 minutes early ( first time students, please come 25 minutes early). Check in at the front desk upon arrival. Please note, online reservations will be give away 5 minutes before class start time if there is a wait list.
• Come to class with clean feet and fragrance free
• Drink plenty of water throughout the day before coming to class. Hydration is very important.
• Notify the instructor of any injuries, medical conditions or concerns before class.
• Honor silence in the Yoga Rooms. Honoring silence before, during and after practice allows you to set your intention, practice mindfulness and integrate the depth of your practice. Thank you for honoring this sacred space. NO CELL PHONES OR BAGS ALLOWED IN THE YOGA ROOM.
• Everyone has bare feet so NO GLASS BOTTLES ARE ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO to ensure our feet our safe.
• When placing your mat down, please be aware of other students and make sure they can see them selves in the mirror if applicable to the class. ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A WATER PROOF MAT TO HELP KEEP OUR HALE CLEAN.

During Class

• Try to stay in the room for the duration of the class (if an emergency situation requires you to step out, please notify the instructor first and re-enter class between postures if possible.) The heat assists detoxification through the sweat. It is common to occasionally feel light headed, nauseous and dizzy no matter what your level of experience is with heated classes. Breathe, rest when you need to, hydrate or lay down-
• During Bikram Classes, refrain from drinking water until after the first party time so we can warm up the body. Please remember the time to hydrate is before and after class.
• Respect the teacher, fellow students and tradition. Practice mindfulness that you are participating in a group class. The teacher may give modifications to lessen the postures or to advance. Each class has a purpose and intention. Be respectful to stay with the teacher and the postures given while knowing your own limits. We offer many different levels and styles of classes to meet your needs.
• Practice stillness between postures and focus on yourself in the front mirror. Yoga is teaching us to slow down and be aware of who we are.
• Try to move with the class to build group energy. If you have a medical condition please listen to your body and be mindful.

After Class

• At the end of class enjoy your final savasana.
• Please leave the classroom quietly so others can enjoy their savasana.
• After class, replenish your body with water, electrolytes, or coconut water. Nourish your body with healthy, living foods filled with water. If you want to feel alive, eat local, living foods.
• Although it does not happen to everyone, perfectly normal to feel dizzy or nauseous during class.
• Enjoy the peace and energy you take with you from class and come back tomorrow!
• For results, first timers should practice MINIMUM 3-4 times per week. For life changing results, we recommend a daily practice.

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